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UAW Local 863 Toolmakers
This site is maintained by the Toolmakers of UAW Local 863 working at Ford Motor
Company-Sharonville solely for the purpose of making their joint seniority list readily
available to interested individuals.  This site is not affiliated with or endorsed by
The United Auto Workers, UAW Local 863, Ford Motor Company in any way.
The accuracy of information presented here is not guaranteed.  If omissions,
mis-reported dates or spelling, or other errors are brought to the attention of the
site's author, changes will be made accordingly upon verification of information.

Please go to the "Contact Info" page to report any errors you may see.

If you would like to have your name removed from this web site, you can send a
removal request from the link on the "Contact Info" page.

If you would like to have something posted on this site, or have a personal web-page
you would like linked to your name in the seniority list, you can send that information
through the link on the "Contact Info" page as well.

Thank You

This Page updated on:  April 9, 2009  
Copyright © 2009  All Rights Reserved.